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DJ Big Chak confirms his success in the world of music!
DJ Big Chak confirms his success in the world of music!

DJ Big Chak is distinguished by music that combines old and new Arabic and foreign music to satisfy all tastes, so his followers notice his choice of the striking songs that people love to ignite the atmosphere and instill joy in his evenings and parties that witness wide interaction and great demand, where it is necessary to invite lovers of nightlife to listen and participate in what he offers during his concerts and evenings of distinctive music that makes the atmosphere he creates unique.

The name DJ Big Chak had emerged in the world of music, especially with the great success it achieves in evenings.

It is noteworthy that Chafic Tarabay, known as DJ Big Chak, began his career in the night places in Zahle before expanding his activity and moving to larger nightclubs, especially in Beirut, where his name shone as one of the most prominent names in this field.

At the same time, DJ Big Chak continues to prepare for his future projects as he continues to study music production.

He also plans to move after that to the release of Remixes and his own songs, especially after the great success achieved by the various Mixes that he released through the Anghami application.

followers can listen to what he has to offer through this application, where they can follow all his distinctive versions.

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