A punchy floral Scent with a delicate romantic twist

The relaunch of the classic feminine fragrance Spring Flower
The relaunch of the classic feminine fragrance Spring Flower


Pretty in pink, Spring Flower is a playful and unapologetic celebration of the feminine. In this fruity floral fragrance for her, succulent peach extracts blend effortlessly into soft notes of jasmine and white flowers, transporting you to a quintessential English garden on a perfect spring morning. Sensual ambergris and musk follow, adding depth and tranquility to this long-lasting fragrance, and ensuring that every accord is fully savoured.


In a celebration of Flora, The Roman Goddess of Spring, Spring Flower is crafted and inspired by the optimism, fantasy, and the romance of the awakening of Spring. Where confidence and colour meet a fantastical and flourishing world in which giant flowers bloom and a myriad of colour radiates and flows like paintings with an imaginary secret garden. A visual twist on a classical scent. Spring Flower is the beauty of the prospering primavera season unfolding in a moment of time.



Bergamot, Grapefruit & Lemon




Apricot, Jasmine Peach & White Flowers




Ambergris, Cedarwood & Musk



The Bottle:

The notable design of the bottle is a reflection of a fond memory in Creed’s life as he was sitting with a friend he noticed that he was drinking from a hip flask and thus was inspired to create his iconic bottle shape as a reflection of this. The updated colour is a soft, chic pink to modernise the scent and represents the fragrance’s timeless feminine spirit. Spring flower has a modern matte finish with a luxurious silver Zamac cap which is fully recyclable.


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