Sisters Events

3 sisters launch "Sisters Event" in the presence of arab stars

 Hend Sabry, Ahmed Hatem and Maha Al-Soghair support "Sister Event" in its first edition

 A large number of art and society stars attended the "Sister Event", which was held for two days in Marassi on the North Coast, with the participation of the star Ahmed Hatem, the star Sherif Ramzy and his wife Reham Ayman, and the broadcaster Maha Al-Saghir who participated in her brand, Dina Ragheb and Zainab Azzam.

Nourhan Hassouna, one of the founders of Sister Event, says that the event aimed to support women by meeting all their protests, whether in terms of clothes or supplies that women need, noting that there are many who supported the idea, whether by participating or even with support through social media, led by Hind. Sabry, who shared her own brand.

She clarifies that the support did not stop at this point, but also the artist Nisreen Emam, the wife of producer Tamer Morsi through social media, Menna Hussein Fahmy, the star Joumana Murad, Jihan Ragheb Alama, the artist Amina Maghribi, and the stylist Maya Haddad who supported us through social media, also supported us. And the wife of the artist, Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, who was present through her brand, and the wife of the producer, Hamdi Badr, who also participated in the event, believing in the importance of supporting women in all fields.

 "Sister Event" was founded by sisters Nourhan, Nadine and Malak Hassouna, and they aim to establish support for women locally and in the Arab world.

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