Naja Saade launches LAVIE, his new Couture Spring/Summer 2021 collection

Naja Saade launched “LAVIE”, his new collection of high end fashion “Haute Couture” for Spring/Summer 2021.The collection features a variety of 19 evening gowns as well as a wedding dress.

Although Naja Saade gave up on his medical career to pursue his dream and become a designer, the 7 years he spent in the medical field sometimes resurface and even become a source of inspiration for his designs.

Naja was always fascinated by the cellular intelligence and he viewed the entire living cell as an incomprehensible miracle, in its ability to communicate, to take decisions, and to respond to the unforeseeable. In this new Haute Couture evening dresses collection, Naja tried to translate this fascination and was inspired by Genetics and more specifically the DNA that carries the genetic information in all our cells and makes us who we are. Each dress of this collection has a unique story. Naja used the DNA as the language to write this story so he used a diversity of thread like designs that allude to chromosomes of DNA and define each dress’s unique character.

“Pencil”, “Mermaid” or “Princess Cut” dresses with different openings, as well as jumpsuits and embroidered capes were all part of this collection. The use of feathers of different colors and shapes was also noticeable.

The outfits came in striking colors that included ruby red, emerald green, sapphire and light blue, in addition to lilac, black, white, silver, gold and platinum as well as different shades of beige such as the nude that was dominant in this collection and different hues of coral that reflect the genes colors.

A white wedding dress came as an outlier in the line- up of “LAVIE” dresses, but it was decorated with special hues of pink that Naja used for the first time as a reminder of the collection’s theme.

 “In the same way that the DNA we’re born with makes us unique, and in an attempt to reflect that 0.1 percent where lies the mystery of the difference between one person and another, I wanted to give each dress its own DNA to make the woman wearing it feel special and unique” Said Naja describing his new collection of Haute Couture evening dresses for 2021. 

Naja Saade revealed his new collection LAVIE in a virtual fashion show that was broadcasted yesterday on all his social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram.