"Se3a w Noss" Movie Released

On February 6th, the new feature film titled “Se3a w Noss” has been released during an exclusive Avant-Premiere night held at Grand Cinemas in ABC Verdun. 
Most of the medias and celebrities of the Film and Drama society were present, to celebrate the movie launch with Abbas Chahine, Tatiana Merheb, Khitam Al Laham, Assaad Rechdan, Alecco Daoud, Marinelle Sarkis, Jihad Al Andary, Georges Diab, Khaled El Sayed and Christina Sawaya, to name few.
The Film, summarizing our daily Lebanese life in a factual “Dramedy” style (combining comedy to drama), with a storyline that can happen to anyone anytime anywhere, was written by Claudia Marchalian, directed by Nadim Mehanna and produced by NMPRO.
Se3a w Noss” (One hour and a half in real time) will be playing in all cinemas across Lebanon as of Thursday 8 February and is rated an all audience movie.

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